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Business Jet Window Series

Business jets symbolize mobility, speed, freedom, travel, business, growth, remarkable achievement, power, glamour, celebration, romance and luxury. Using advanced materials and specialized manufacturing techniques, they embody refined engineering and precision.

Business aircraft are firmly entrenched in our culture, from shoutouts in music to Hollywood films and television. They are associated with the powerful and the famous, from Davos to Basel, transporting James Bond villains and heads of state, billionaire philanthropists and rock stars. They are business tools of the trade and romantic vehicles of creative power and freedom.

For most people, flying private is as unusual as owning art by a celebrated artist. As part of a larger discussion about the democratization of art, private jets are an interesting metaphor for the contemporary art world, sharing numerous qualities. 

LUXuria prêt à emporter
MIRRORS 2020-21
autumn / inverno

LUXuria prêt à emporter is like ready to wear in the fashion world. Its about taking ideas and insights gained from the explorations of coutür and applying them in a new category of art (but not new for fashion). Also called manufactured art, it's art for the many, or at least, the many more, unlike coutür. Manufactured Art is posing questions about mass producing art: can some kinds of art scale, or is too much lost in the process? Is it possible to enjoy a kind of art which is produced more like books and music, rather than rare and proportionately precious contemporary art? This is not about disparaging the relatively brief gallery, museum, and social media experience; rather, manufactured art is about more people accessing the longer, slower and deeper journey of living with art. 

LUXuria prêt à emporter
autumn / inverno

This season references an early conceptual work by Lawrence Weiner called Two Minutes of Spray Paint Applied Directly Upon the Floor from a Standard Aerosol Spray Can.